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Latest news

Hey! It is me, Sly!

It has been years my friends. I miss all of you. Message me on steam sometime damn it, we need a reunion.

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Damn I miss this place..

I'm keeping this forum here because it holds a lot of our history <3

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Do forgive those last ghost town dwellers.

I must forgive for this slow re-population of the site as we move, Ghost Town is expected for another week or so, danke.

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Lol ghost town, eh?

well I mean no one ever comes on here anymore. Hell, the last highscore in the arcade not-by-me is from 2010.

We were so cool, too. But now it's all, "Oh it's just a ghost town and junk"

It's totally a ghost town. At least it has some neat games. And it isn't blocked by my school's stuff or whatever.

Wububububu brrr brrr brrr

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Poll: War of The Servers : Open Beta or Application Only?

Well, I, personally, would like to do a Application Beta (must apply) but I figured it would be only fair to let you guys vote, please login to vote and maybe the War of The Servers Beta will be released as an Open Beta!

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